• Top quality optics for visual and IR. Components and assemblies, traditional optics and new tunable lenses.

    e Optics
  • State-of-the-art optical filters. Catalog filters, custom sized filters and filters manufactured in extremely high volumes are available.

    d Filters
  • High quality lasers based on different technologies. Diode lasers, solid state lasers, gas lasers and laser diode bar assemblies.

    c Lasers
  • High performance gratings, spectrometer components and spectroscopic systems for OEM use and laboratory or process installations.  

    b Spectrometers
  • Advanced nano-positioning systems and fiber optic switches based on piezoelectric actuator technology, for OEM or laboratory.

    a Positioning


Optonyx - Your partner for Optics, Filters, Lasers, Spectrometers and Positioning 


Our Business

Our business is to serve as a value-adding distributor and representative in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We represent a limited number of selected international high performance manufacturers, whose reputation and products are truly world-class.

Our Mission

long-term test - i storleken w300 h87We want to provide the best service for our customers. Combining efficient communication with our experience and in-depth knowledge of our suppliers and their capability, we will assist you in finding answers, components and solutions.

Latest news

Under this headline we will present a selection of our products a little bit differently. There are presentations and links where you can find more in-depth information, pictures, drawings and videos. ​ 2016-09-11:
Carl Zeiss 200 years!
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Meet Optonyx suppliers June 7-9th at OPTATEC in Frankfurt. Contact us to book a meeting!
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